Hammerhead Shark Sea Spirit - Greeting Card
Art By Purrfection

Hammerhead Shark Sea Spirit - Greeting Card

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The Hammerhead Shark is a good omen as she reminds us that opportunities in life are abundant, but you must keep moving forward to create these opportunities. She tells us to do something - anything to stir up the energy and create motion within yourself. She is both a social creature by day, gathering in large schools, and a solo hunter by night.

Hammerheads are headstrong, independent, and adventurous. They have seemingly endless amounts of energy and when they see something they want, they go after it full-force. Those who relate to the Hammerhead often can’t stand restrictions and their independence is very important to them. People enjoy being around Hammerhead energy, as they are often funny and charming, and shine best in large groups.

Those with the Hammerhead as their spirit animal are believed to be natural warriors. A protector and guardian who is always ready to keep watch over your loved ones.

Seen as the peaceable predator, Hammerhead understands the oceans, and the way inter-relationships work and is not too hostile, nor too inviting. This shark teaches us that it is possible to be the fearless hunter and see what we want, without alienating our friends, family and the energies in our environment. So embrace your fierceness and pursue your dreams, knowing that always you are protected by and protector of those you love.


Original Medium

Ink, coloured pencil on 210GSM artists paper – original on A3 sized paper.


Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are printed on a beautiful sustainably sourced stock. They're satin coated on the outside for better colour reproduction, and the inside is left uncoated, and blank for you to write a message. Card size is C6 - 114x162mm / 4.5x6.4 inches and comes with a crisp white envelope.

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