Agile Octopus Sea Spirit - Greeting Card
Art By Purrfection

Agile Octopus Sea Spirit - Greeting Card

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Though the octopus stays in water, it is a bottom dweller. It stays grounded while still having the ability to exist in the watery world of the psyche. It reminds us that we may be spiritual and intuitively gifted; nonetheless we are physical beings and must temper our psychic gifts with strong foundational grounding.

Octopi are symbolic of agility, grace and flexibility. She is able to slip out of the tightest places, and ambulate as if she is the embodiment of water itself. Take the time to observe the way the octopus moves - it's hypnotic. The octopus reminds us to loosen up - relax. She reminds us that we may move towards our goals in unorthodox ways and still achieve the same (if not better) results.

An octopus can camouflage itself when it feels threatened, and can avoid dangers as it creates an illusion by blending into the surroundings. She can also detach a limb at will to serve as a distraction against would-be predators. We could translate this to mean that we ourselves have the ability to cut loose excess baggage in our lives in order to achieve our desires. What can we cut loose from our lives to lighten our load? What part of ourselves can we leave behind in order to bring us closer to our highest good? Often these parts serve as distractions (addictions, TV, unhealthy relationships).


Original Medium

Ink, coloured pencil on 210GSM artists paper – original on A3 sized paper.


Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are printed on a beautiful sustainably sourced stock. They're satin coated on the outside for better colour reproduction, and the inside is left uncoated, and blank for you to write a message. Card size is C6 - 114x162mm / 4.5x6.4 inches and comes with a crisp white envelope.


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Also available as

included in 2018 Sea Spirits Calendar

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