Aussie Animals 2020 Calendar
Art By Purrfection

Aussie Animals 2020 Calendar

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100% of the profit from sales of calendars will be donated to Rockhampton Wildlife to help animals affected by the Yeppoon Fires, or you can donate directly here:


The Perfect Gift for Christmas!

The Australian animals resonate with the timeless wisdom and energy of our ancient land. Many of them are truly unique to the Australian continent and are beyond comparison with the characteristics of animals found in other parts of the world. They are remarkable creatures with much to offer us in understanding.

Spirit Animals can symbolise aspects of our personality, traits or skills we have successfully cultivated or have yet to develop, a situation or emotions that have recently arisen. Spirit Animals can also offer guidance and intuitive understanding.

I loved digging into the amazing world of our wonderful Australian animals, uncovering interesting facts about each one and delving into their deeper meaning, before sitting down and putting pencil to paper. Over the last year twelve of these gorgeous creatures have manifested on my drawing pad and I adore each one. Let these ‘Aussie Animals’ bring some colour and joy into your life.

My wish is for this calendar to brighten the space you hang it in and to bring you joy and inspiration each month of the year. 

May you have a PURRFECT 2020 ~ Love and Light, Kate Poffley


Original Medium

Ink, coloured pencil on 210GSM artists paper – original on A3 sized paper.



These 30cmX30cm (12inchX12inch) calendars are wire bound and printed on 300GSM paper with gloss lamination on the image side, while the calendar grid is left unlaminated making it easy to write your dates and notes on.

The calendar has all the standard significant days for Australia and New Zealand plus some fun days I've added like 'World Water Day' on the crocodile month etc. Each drawing comes with a little message about what the animal represents and a few fun facts about them.


Price includes postage within Australia

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